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About Bellybliss

My name is Silja Rehfeldt and I am a midwife, mother of two children, partner and an entrepreneur.

With more than 20 years of midwife experience, it's my wish and passion to support you on this amazing journey through pregnancy and birth, into motherhood and becoming a parent and a family.

Bellybliss was born in February 2001.

I offer my experience, knowledge, integrity, tools and care in your service and I look forward to meeting you and your baby.


My Services

Here is what I provide



During the entire time of your pregnancy you are able to seek consultancy about any topic around preparation, the How, Where and with Who you would like to deliver, physical and emotional well-being, sport, sexuality, nutrition, healthy food, classes you can attend, traveling, ultrasound, prenatal diagnostic, initial baby equipment, breastfeeding, paperwork and much more.


Prenatal Care

You can have your regular check-ups with your midwife every four weeks at first, then from week 34 and onward you can have them every two weeks.
This include: consultancy, urine and blood tests, blood pressure, weight, growth of the uterus, checking the heartbeat and frequency, as well as the position of the baby.


Postnatal Care

The time after you have given birth (8 weeks post partum), where a midwife will visit you and your baby at your home. I will check on your healing processes, support you in breastfeeding, check the baby's growth, and teach you how to handle everything that is new for you, such as a first bath and how to carry it.
It is a healing process and transformation from the inside to the outside.


Support & Help

Pregnancy is a very special time for your body and it's important to take good care of yourself. Anything from a little cold to back pain can be treated with herbs, homeopathy, massage, somatic bodywork, acupuncture, essential oils, moxubution (TCM) and classic medial treatments. Maybe your baby is in the wrong position and needs some help.


Courses & Workshops

There are many possible ways to prepare your body, mind and soul for birth, becoming a parent and becoming a family. A classic is the birth preparation class. If its an ongoing class, please pick a date about two months before your due date. If its a weekend class, please chose a weekend about a month before your due date.



Individual Birth Preparation Couple / Single
Birth Preparation De-Armouring
Pregnancy Wellness Massage
Tension Release Massage


Prices & Payment

If you have a German health insurance, all classic midwife services are fully covered.

If you are not insured, please reach out for current prices.


Prenatal Care

Postnatal Care

Support & Help

If you are not in Germany and want to work with me, please reach out for online options and pricing.



Additional services that are not covered by a German health insurance

Birth Preparation
Couple / Single

3 hours, 300€
6 hours, 580€

Birth Preparation

120€ per hour

Pregnancy Wellness

80€ per hour

Tension Release

80€ per hour

Couple / Pair

300-450€ 4 times 3 hours
(depending on financial situation)

Birth Preparation

15€ per session
(20-30 minutes)

We accept payment cash in EUR, via PayPal, as well as with the cryptocurrency The People's Reserve (TPR).

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The People's Reserve

We fully support the ushering of a new healthy and empowered economy for the people, and thus are proud to accept payments in the new revolutionizing cryptocurrency The People's Reserve (TPR).

For more information about this exciting project, please reach out.



Oderstrasse 24, 10247 Berlin, Germany


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